Canopy Fridges – Plenty Of Choices

TLX4x4 installs lots of fridges in lots of canopies, especially Bushman uprights fitted inside our co-branded TLX4x4 Fridge Boxes. But there are plenty of choices in fridge style and layout to choose from for your canopy.

The Bushman DC85-X is the most popular choice in our Common Ute and American Truck canopies.

The compact footprint uses much less space than a fridge slide while the Fridge Box protects the workings of the fridge. The minimal weight and power draw are other advantanges.

The Bushman DC130-X is the perfect fit for our LC79 canopies. Combined weight with the Fridge Box is approximately 42kgs.

And there is a growing number of customers installing a pullout drawer type second unit in the canopy, usually running it as a freezer in combination with an upright fridge. The two shown below are both on the driver side of the canopy.

There is no single fridge solution that works for everyone. There are lots of choices, that need to be considered in the context of the traveller’s needs. TLX4x4 works with its customers daily to provide the best solutions possible.

Speak to Gino or John about TLX4x4 canopy solutions.

 Other options include the traditional drop-down fridge slide:

Drop-Down Fridge Slide
The sideways operating drop-down fridge slide:
Side Drop-Down Fridges Slide