Why should I choose TLX4x4?

TLX is part of TL Engineering, WA’s biggest and most experienced light vehicle tray and canopy manufacturer. It fabricates and fits alloy trays, canopies and accessories locally, which has many advantages. The TLX team is loaded with 4×4 users with lots of real-world highway and dirt road experience.

Is aluminium alloy the best material for serious 4x4 travellers?

The high grade alloys that TLX uses are light and very strong when fabricated to commercial standards. Steel trays and canopies are just too heavy for modern 4wd vehicles which have become heavier as their features and capabilities have grown. The only steel components TLX uses are custom fabricated and painted installation mounts which bolt directly on to the chassis to receive the tray or canopy

What’s the difference between overseas made trays and canopies and TLX?

Imported products are mass produced in batches to be cost-competitive and installed with a “one size fits all” approach. The quality of materials used is often variable which can result in shorter lifespans. TLX products are designed specifically for each vehicle using high quality materials. Design, fabrication, painting, electrics and fitting are done in one place by us so we can quality control the whole build from start to finish

What finishes can I have with TLX?

We offer a wide range of finishes. You can leave your tray or canopy in the natural alloy mill finish. Or you can have a black tray with optional painted dropsides and toolbox lids. Canopies are available in mill finish, all black or painted in solid or metallic automotive colours. We use black Raptor Coat or powdercoated finishes for different parts of a black build.

Does TLX offer Power Packages in canopies?

There are 3 RedArc fixed packages available as well as a RedArc GoBlock portable solution. We use AllSpark Lithium batteries in a variety of sizes. RedArc 240V inverters are included in 2 packages. If you’d like to install your own system we can provide a removeable electrical accessory sheet and hooded external Anderson connectors for getting solar charge into the canopy.

Will I need to upgrade my suspension?

If you’re adding a tray, your vehicle’s factory suspension will generally be fine for everyday use. If you add a lift-off or chassis-mount canopy you will need to upgrade your suspension to keep the vehicle safe and sound. We recommend certified GVM upgrades and offer Pedders suspension solutions.

How can I carry extra fuel for long trips?

TLX canopies will accept jerry can holders which can hold fuel or water. We are also an authorised supplier and installer of Brown-Davis long range fuel tanks who offer a range of metal and poly tanks for all common 4wd vehicles.

What other costs are involved in installing a TLX tray or canopy?

If your vehicle arrives for fitting as a cab chassis and has no rear electronic safety devices, there are no other costs. If we have to remove a well body/tray or retrofit items such as a reverse camera, reverse sensors or cross traffic alert sensors, there will be a charge for this. These costs will be itemised in a quote

Will a TLX tray fit on my car?

We make trays for LC79s, Hilux (2005+), Ranger (PX & PY), BT-50 (2011+), DMax (2012+), Colorado (2012+), Amarok (2022+), Navara NP300 (2015+), Triton MQ (2015+) and RAMs, Silverados,and F-Trucks

What size is a TLX tray?

  • LC79 Dual Cab: 1800mm long x 1850mm wide as 1010mm high from tray floor to top of the front hoop. Single cabs are 2400mm long.
  • Hilux, Ranger, DMax, Colorado, Amarok, Navara and Triton Dual Cab: 1800mm long x 1850mm wide as 870mm high from tray floor to top of the front hoop. Extra cabs are 2100mm long. Single cabs are 2400mm long.
  • American Truck trays are 2100mm or 2400mm long x 2000mm wide x 960mm high from tray floor to top of the front hoop.

What’s included in a standard tray?

  • A natural alloy mill finish tray, with a front hoop, full set of 3 dropsides, 2 x lockable side toolboxes, flared wheelguards and MaxiLamp sequential taillights. Fitting is also included.
  • Key features include stainless steel latches and hinges, TLX mudflaps, full-length side rope-rails, 5mm welded steel mounts, and a marine grade alloy floor.

What tray options are available?

  • The most popular options are: undertray 60L water tank with gravity fed tap; rear pullout drawer; and, spare wheel carrier/s on the headboard.
  • You can also have a headboard safety barrier mesh, floor mounted flush lashing rings, a HD rubber mat or an undertray spare wheel carrier (LC79 only).
  •  If you have an extra or single cab tray, you can add side toolboxes in front of the rear wheels.

How much does a TLX tray weigh?

  • TLX gives you the flexibility to add extras that suit you, not us. Our weights below are for a standard tray. The weight of any accessories is itemised in our quotes.
  •  A standard dual cab tray for a Hilux, Ranger, DMax, Colorado, Amarok, Navara or Triton is 153kg. Extra cab is 163kg and single cab is 173kg
  •  A LC79 dual cab tray starts at 160kg with the single cab at 180kg.
  • An American Truck 2100mm tray starts at 180kg and the 2400mm version is 190kg.

Can I paint my tray?

Trays are available in black, or the dropsides and side toolbox lids can be painted in the automotive colour of your choice.