Tlx4x4 Relocation of Reverse Cameras, Rear Park Assist Sensors and Cross Traffic Alert Radar Systems.

TLX 4×4 Upgrade: Safety and Convenience

Each year there are new vehicles released to the market with an evergrowing list of technology features. During the installation of your TLX4x4 tray or chassis mount canopy, we may need to remove and refit some or all of these features including any reverse cameras, rear park assist sensors or cross traffic alert radar systems that are built into your vehicle.

TLX4x4 has developed and tested a range of model specific mounts and brackets for these items and systems and will continue to add to this list as new models are released. There are some instances however where some sensor or radar systems may need to be manually disabled because aftermarket towbars or other accessories are detected by the sensors and generate warning alerts in the vehicle.

Further to this, the latest D-Max, BT50, Ranger and some of the new US vehicles usually have their cross traffic alert sensors incorporated into the rear tail lights or bumper assemblies. Please keep in mind that these systems are part of the ANCAP safety rating of the vehicle.

TLX4x4 can usually adapt and incorporate these cameras, sensors and systems into the TLX4x4 build and they will operate as normal. However, there are some instances when errors may display on the vehicle indicating that the system is disabled or faulty. Our experience tells us that when this occurs, in most cases it is due to the change of the pitch of the vehicle compared to the standard factory setup. This change usually occurs because the factory suspension is not suitable for the weight increase caused by adding a tray or chassis mount canopy. In such cases, TLX4x4 may not be able to successfully recalibrate the factory systems to work as normal.

Please be advised that by accepting your quote and paying a deposit to proceed with your build you accept that you have authorised TLX4x4 to relocate any applicable systems and sensors, and acknowledge that if there are any future alerts, alarms or faults, TLX4x4 may not be able to correct them.

During the fitting of a TLX4x4 tray or chassis mount canopy, should TLX4x4 encounter any issues during the relocation of any of the above systems, we will contact you and await further instructions. In some cases you may be invoiced for any extra labour or material costs that arise due to these issues.

Also note:

  • Customers purchasing new vehicles with the intent to fit an after-market tray or canopy should discuss the features and systems above with the vehicle dealer before purchase.
  • Some systems can be reset and recalibrated by vehicle dealers after an after-market tray or canopy has been fitted.