TLX4x4 provides removeable Lift-Off or Chassis-Mount permanent canopies. Lift-Off canopies allow regular access to a tray while Chassis-Mount canopy users prefer the lighter weight of a permanent solution. Both Lift-Off and Chassis-Mount canopies are identical and can be fitted with the same accessories.

Gen-3 TLX4x4 HD Alloy canopies are available for Common Utes, Landcruiser 79 and American Trucks.

Common Utes include:

    • Toyota Hilux (MY05) 2005 onwards
    • Ford Ranger (PX & NEWGEN) 2010 onwards
    • Mazda BT-50 2011 onwards
    • Isuzu DMax (RT) 2012 onwards
    • Holden Colorado (RG) 2012 onwards
    • Volkswagen Amarok 2022 onwards (New Ford shared platform only)
    • Nissan Navara NP300 2015 onwards
    • Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015 onwards
  • Toyota LC79 include dual and single cab models
  • Enquire about Ram, GMC, Silverado and F-Trucks

TLX canopies come in various sizes and finishes, with a range of accessories available.

Canopy dimensions:

  • Common Ute – 940mm | 1500mm | 1710mm | 2010mm | 2310mm Length x 1850mm Width x 870mm Height
  • LC79 – 940mm – 940mm | 1500mm | 1710mm | 2010mm | 2310mm Length x 1850mm Width x 1010mm Height
  • American Trucks – 940mm | 1500mm | 1710mm | 2010mm | 2310mm Length x 2000mm Width x 960mm Height
  • A canopy can be fitted to any tray or Chassis-Mount canopy base of equal or longer length:
    • 1500mm canopies are most popular on dual-cab vehicles
    • 940mm canopies suit any size vehicle that needs usable tray space
    • Full length canopies provide maximum volume for work or recreational use

Standard inclusions:

  • Industrial grade fittings, hinges, latches, locks and handles
  • A range of finishes: natural alloy ‘mill’, automotive paint and raptor coat
  • Tube reinforced gullwing doors
  • Welded Unistrut channel rails on the canopy walls and ceiling for mounting accessories
  • Welded Unistrut channel rails on the canopy roof for roof racks, solar panels and boat loaders
  • Once piece alloy floor with no lips or edges
  • 2 x red/white LED rigid strip lights
  • Fitting

Canopy optional accessories include:

  • Internal drawer, table, pantry, shelf and divider units
  • Roof racks in 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm sizes
  • Spare wheel carriers
  • Jerry can holders
  • Rubber mat
  • Car fob paired central locking
  • Bushman upright fridges
  • RedArc 12V power packages
  • Bushman upright fridges
  • 60L water tank for Chassis-Mount canopies
  • Rear drawer for Chassis-Mount canopies
  • Extra LED lights below the canopy doors
  • Power accessories for DIY electrical installation
  • Wind-up legs for Lift-Off canopies

Other costs, depending on vehicle type and configuration for Chassis-Mount canopies:

    • Removing an existing tub or tray
    • Retrofitting reverse cameras
    • Retrofitting reverse sensors
    • Retrofitting cross traffic alert sensors
    • Retrofitting blind spot monitor sensors

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