TLX4x4 Heavy Duty Alloy 1500mm Lift-off Canopy


This Lift-Off canopy will bolt straight onto a TLX tray or another manufacturer’s tray of the right size. The 1500mm model is by far the most popular canopy choice for many good reasons. It is significantly larger than the 940mm version without increasing the overall weight by too much.

Gen-3 TLX4x4 HD Alloy canopies are available for Common Utes, Landcruiser 79 and American Trucks.

  • Common Utes include:
    • Toyota Hilux (MY05) 2005 onwards
    • Ford Ranger (PX & NEWGEN) 2010 onwards
    • Mazda BT-50 2011 onwards
    • Isuzu DMax (RT) 2012 onwards
    • Holden Colorado (RG) 2012 onwards
    • Volkswagen Amarok 2022 onwards (New Ford shared platform only)
    • Nissan Navara NP300 2015 onwards
    • Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015 onwards
  • Toyota LC79 include dual and single cab models
  • Enquire about Ram, GMC, Silverado and F-Trucks

TLX canopies come in various sizes and finishes, with a range of accessories available.

  • Canopy dimensions :
    • Common Ute – 940mm | 1500mm | 1720mm | 2020mm | 2320mm Length x 1850mm Width x 870mm Height
    • LC79 – 940mm – 940mm | 1500mm | 1720mm | 2020mm | 2320mm Length x 1850mm Width x 1010mm Height
    • American Trucks – 940mm | 1500mm | 1720mm | 2020mm | 2320mm Length x 2000mm Width x 960mm Height
  • A canopy can be fitted to any tray or Chassis-Mount canopy base of equal or longer length:
    • 1500mm canopies are most popular on dual-cab vehicles
    • 940mm canopies suit any size vehicle that needs usable tray space
    • Full length canopies provide maximum volume for work or recreational use
  • Standard inclusions:
    • Industrial grade fittings, hinges, latches, locks and handles
    • A range of finishes: natural alloy ‘mill’, automotive paint and raptor coat
    • Tube reinforced gullwing doors
    • Welded Unistrut channel rails on the canopy walls and ceiling for mounting accessories
    • Welded Unistrut channel rails on the canopy roof for roof racks, solar panels and boat loaders
    • Once piece alloy floor with no lips or edges
    • 2 x red/white LED rigid strip lights
    • Fitting
  • Canopy optional accessories include:
    • Internal drawer, table, pantry, shelf and divider units
    • Roof racks in 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm sizes
    • Spare wheel carriers
    • Jerry can holders
    • Rubber mat
    • Car fob paired central locking
    • Bushman upright fridges
    • RedArc 12V power packages
    • Bushman upright fridges
    • 60L water tank for Chassis-Mount canopies
    • Rear drawer for Chassis-Mount canopies
    • Extra LED lights below the canopy doors
    • Power accessories for DIY electrical installation
    • Wind-up legs for Lift-Off canopies