Rear Folding Canopy Ladder


This lockable folding ladder is made from heavy duty alloy and is attached to the rear of a chassis mount or lift off canopy.

It is especially useful for accessing a roof rack or opening and closing a roof top tent that’s mounted on the top of the canopy. It opens and drops to a full vertical position and is not designed for entry or exit from a roof top tent.

The ladder can be mounted in a number of configurations: passenger side, central or driver side. It also works when fitted with 2 spare wheel carriers, which fit in the space between the ladder and the rear of the canopy. The ladder overlaps the 2 spare wheels.

If fitted to canopies that extend the full length of the tray or chassis mount canopy base, the ladder can be mounted closer to the rear of the canopy so as to reduce the overhang/extra length of the vehicle.

Available in natural alloy “Mill” or black finish.

Prices are for inclusion in a canopy build.