Rear Drawer


A rear drawer tucked away under the tray / chassis mount canopy base provides efficient and secure storage space for a variety of purposes. Key features:

  • Available in 1200mm or 1500mm lengths.
  • Usable space is 650mm W x 110mm D x 1100mm/1400mm L.
  • Includes a lift off lid that can be used as a cooking space or table.
  • Available with an optional locking lid with gas struts.
  • Enclosed in a weatherproof sealed alloy case, with industrial grade long life rubber seals and heavy duty slide out runners.
  • Dual key lockable handles that compress the drawer seal on closure.

Please note:

  • A rear drawer cannot be retrofitted to an existing tray / chassis mount base.
  • A 1500mm rear drawer will not allow a water tank to be fitted on a 1800mm tray / 1720mm chassis mount canopy base.

Price is for inclusion in a tray or chassis mount build.