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      TrakRyder Outback

      TrakRyder Outback

      The spring and shock absorber rates were developed to provide improved ground clearance, increased suspension travel while improving vehicle stability on all road surfaces.

      This kit provides improved articulation on uneven road surfaces and improves tractability of all four wheels in difficult situations. It also allows for increased loads, such as camping or similar equipment. The increased ride height of up to 2” (50mm) enabling the vehicle to have the ability to drive through selected river crossings as well as improving the entry and exit angle of severe undulating terrain.



      Compatibility: For vehicles being used for on and off road as well as general commuting. Ideal for towing caravans, horse floats, camper and general trailers.

      The kits would be ideal for vehicles fitted with a bull bar and driving lights, a dual battery system, standard wheels with off road tyres fitted.

      The kit does also have the ability to manage the extra weight of items, such as under car protection plates, roof racks, long range fuel tanks and rear drawer storage systems.

      To make a purchase or to know more contact our Sales Team at 08 6254 3800 or email us at onlinesales@tlx4x4.com.au.

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