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      TrakRyder Expedition

      TrakRyder Expedition

      The spring and shock absorber rates were developed to provide an improved load carrying capacity, with the advantage of increasing the stability in the way of less body roll, while, at all times having consideration for the ride comfort.

      This kit is primarily designed to reinstate the ride height to as new with a minor enhance of up to 1” (25mm). The Expedition Kit will also improve the braking and steering of the vehicle when towing, provided you have a weight distribution tow pack fitted.

      Compatibility: For vehicles used as the primary towing and/or load carrying. Ideal for carrying heavy loads, towing horse floats or caravans and have the odd weekend of fun in the bush.

      This kit would be suitable for vehicles fitted with a nudge bar with driving lights, standard wheels and tyres and general equipment such as a fridge or tool box, but not excluding vehicles with extras such as: roof racks, long range fuel tanks, a rear drawer storage system and tool boxes.

      To make a purchase or to know more contact our Sales Team at 08 6254 3800 or email us at onlinesales@tlx4x4.com.au.

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