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      News — TAG Towing

      TAG Towing - Ranger Extended Three Piece Bar

      TAG Towing - Ranger Extended Three Piece Bar

      Ford Ranger Extended Tow Bar

      One of the common problems when fitting trays and canopies to Dual Cab Utes is that sometimes the factory tow bar ends up tucked too far under the back of the tray making it almost impossible to use safely. A quick fix means some people will use extended hitch tongues. The trouble with this is that it will reduce your towing capacity in this case from 3,500Kg to 2,500Kg.

      A simple solution is removing the factory bar and installing a TAG Ranger Extended bar. You will maintain the 3,500Kg rating and it will improve the strength in the back end of the vehicle. TAG bars are three piece making installation and fitting simple and quick.

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