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      New TLX Power Packages Now Available!

      New TLX Power Packages Now Available!

      As the TLX range expands and as our customers provide insight into their needs, we have been actively listening to pull together the best range of proven products and accessories. 

      The latest in our line up includes Electrical Packages ready to go or from which customers can start with as a base. We call this "TLX Power Packs".

      Sure there are cheaper products on the market, you can even buy pre-built control panels, all of which we will still install and fit for customers - this new range represents high quality products that are proven and provide peace of mind for customers regardless of being in the city or out the back of nowhere.

      Take some time to review each pack and call our team to discuss your specific needs. 

      BOSS TLX 4x4 Project Build - Rival Bar and Under Body Armour

      Rival Alloy Bar Ford Ranger PX3

      Stage 3 of the BOSS TLX 4x4 PX3 Ranger Build - Rival Bar and Under Body Plate!

      Early in the TLX journey we understood the benefits of selecting premium and proven partners to join with our high quality and locally manufactured trays and canopies to offer TLX customers the best of the best.

      Drivetech 4x4 was a natural fit for us with regards to their wide range of products and in particular the Rival Alloy products.

      You will see that we have installed Rival bars to wide range of vehicles and when it came to the Boss build, there was no other consideration.

      Note that this bar suits a Ford Ranger PX3 with the Tech Pack option.

      To compliment the bar, and to keep weight down we have opted for the front Under Body Armour plate only. You can buy this is a kit of four however with our focus on a light weight build, the front only plate makes sense.

      So what makes a Rival bar special?

      They are made from 6mm alloy to provide excellent strength and protection without the disadvantage of a heavy steel bar, the RIVAL™ Bumpers are designed to ensure easy installation as a full replacement for the OE bumper. Stylish and functional these bars come in a matte black finish.

       - Integrated recovery points
       - Built-in tow hooks and high lift jack slots
       - Winch mount and access
       - High quality welds
       - Total weight of 50kg
       - Designed for ease of fitment with RIVAL™ Underbody Armour by Rival
       - ADR69 compliant

      Suitable for Ranger PX PXII PXIII and Everest Models

      Get in touch if you want to know more.




      Ford Ranger PX2 TLX Tray Build

      Ranger custom ute tray

      Another TLX Heavy Duty Alloy Tray leaves with a new customer.

      This one is featured in Black Powder Coat finish and comes complete with 70Lt water tank and slide out rear drawer. 

      Paul will return in a fortnight to pick up his matching TLX Canopy. 

      Notice the tool box lids and canopy are finished in high class 2 pack automotive graphite to match the factory Ranger colour.


      BOSS TLX 4x4 Project Build - Wheels & Tyres

      BOSS TLX 4x4 Project Build - Wheels & Tyres

      Stage 2 of the BOSS TLX 4x4 PX3 Ranger Build - Wheels and Tyres!

      After careful consideration and discussion with the Pedders Team, we selected the King Daytona 18x8 P20 Wheels and Toyo OPAT2 tyres to cater for the upcoming Pedders TrakRyder Extreme Disc Brake Upgrade kit. 

      I think you will agree the final look is impressive!

      Shout out to Hayden and the Team at OTR Tyres in Bellevue for looking after us with a new set of King Daytona's fitted with Toyo Opat AT2 rubber.

      Customer service is second to none with OTR.

      Mazda BT50 Chassis Mount TLX Canopy

      Mazda BT50 Chassis Mount TLX Canopy

      Check out the newest member of the TLX family - the new Chassis Mount TLX Canopy ready for delivery!

      Mounted on a tough Mazda BT50 Dual Cab ute, our TLX Canopy adds a tough layer to the 50 and provides a go-anywhere capability. Ready for the work site, weekend get away or full time tourer duties, you have to see the quality of TLX in person to understand how 50 Years of body building makes TLX a cut above.


      • TLX Chassis Mount Canopy 1480mm with rear ledge
      • TLX Under Tray Toolboxes
      • TLX Flared Guards
      • TLX Slide out drawer
      • TLX 70Lt Water Tank
      • TLX Roof Rack System
      • TLX Spare Tyre Holder
      • TLX Jerry Can Holder
      • TLX Rear Ladder
      • 2 Pack Automotive Paint finish
      • 2 Door Central Locking

      Check out our YouTube channel for a walk around this monster build.