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      UTE TUB or TRAY? Why should you change?

      tlx 4x4 ute tray in perth wa
      Six of the ten top selling cars in Australia last month were 4WDs – and half of those were utes. Utes have been Australia’s best-selling cars for a long, long time now. The safety, comfort, power, and convenience of a dual cab means that owners have the best of both worlds.

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      OVERLOADED 4X4: Dangerous and results in hefty fines

      OVERLOADED 4X4: Dangerous and results in hefty fines

      If you have been 4WDing for a while, you must have heard of GCM and GVM. But what do they mean? 


      The Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum your vehicle can weigh when you decide to head out for your 4WD adventures. It is specified by your car’s manufacturer in the driver’s door well and in your owner’s manual. The weight includes everything in and on your vehicle including the passengers and all your off-roading gear.


      Gross Combination Mass (GCM) is again specified by your manufacturer and is the combined weight of the vehicle and whatever it is towing. This does NOT increase if you increase the GVM of your vehicle.

      Source: https://marscampers.com.au/


      It is the mass of the brand-new vehicle with a full tank of fuel but excluding the accessories, passengers, and luggage.


      Put simply, it is the difference between the GVM and Kerb Weight.

      Here is an example using some common vehicles, all 2020 models:


      Toyota 79 D/Cab

      Hilux D/Cab SR5

      Ranger D/Cab XLT

      Kerb Weight (Kg)




      Gross Vehicle Mass (Kg)




      Payload (Kg)





      What is a GVM Upgrade?

      There is a solution to the weight problem that allows you to avoid any fines and does not compromise on your safety: GVM Upgrade.

      It is technically called a Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) modification that increases the GVM rating of your vehicle.

      At TLX4x4, we offer GVM Upgrades from Pedders and West Coast Suspension.

      Customers who invest in a TLX Chassis Mounted Canopy or a TLX Tray and Lift Off Canopy combination are advised to install a GVM Upgrade to their vehicle.

      If you need more info, feel free to get in touch with the sales team at TLX4x4.